Gallet Excel-O-Graph Chronograph (EP 40-68)

Watch repair Victoria Excel-o-graph

This beauty came across my bench like a celebrity sighting of Scarlett Johansson. As a watchmaker and a watch lover, it’s hard not to get a little flush when in the presence of such a gorgeous watch. The owner of this watch has such an amazing collection of Gallets (among other awesome brands) that I affectionately call him “The Gallet Guy”.

This watch was very much in need of some TLC. It was clear that it hadn’t been serviced in quite some time. The movement was very dry and the chronograph second hand was not returning to zero. These Excelsior park movements are rare so it was a treat to be able to work on one. The movement is quite a sight with it’s gnarly assortment of springs and bridges and jewels that make it look like the brain of some sci-fi robot! Everyone loves a column wheel chronograph and the rhetoric among watch fanatics will often compare this movement with many of the greats, like the Valjoux 72 and the Omega 321.

The service went well and she came together nicely with only a few small adjustments needed. The Second hand on the chronograph was loose and needed to be tightened. This is delicate work. The tube of the hand can be quite thin and the smallest amount of tightening can be the difference between too loose or too tight. The tube can easily crack which would be a worst case scenario indeed. There is a lot of stress on this hand when it is reset because the reset hammer forces it back to zero with a great deal of force and speed.

Slow motion of the chronograph reset. Notice how the hand swings all the way back to the 55min marker.

Here’s a few photos I took during service. Like many awesome watches, I’m glad we met but I’m sad to see her go.

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