Virtual watchmaking (Video tutorial of an Admiral Pocket watch)

Watch repair vancouver Admiral pocket watch

So I took on a really great opportunity last month to film a full service of an old Admiral Pocket watch for a client. I’ve been wanting to offer an immersive watch repair experience for people for quite a while so this was a great first step.

The client came to me with the suggestion of having his daughter sit in while I repaired the watch. This would’ve have been an interesting option had the current health crisis not been occurring. At the same time, repairing watches is a game of hurry up and wait. Somethings take longer than expected and the work can be divided over several days, depending on part availability etc. So we came up with the idea of me filming as I went and then creating a presentation where we could meet virtually and watch the video together. Followed by questions and discussion.

virtual watchmaker hanging balance and hairspring

Being a film producer is a whole other skill set and I have a lot of admiration for people who do it full time. Luckily for me, there are platforms available that really help to record and edit video with not too much hair pulling involved.

The challenge was setting up the camera in a way that the work could be filmed without too much interference. So I set it up in a few places and started filming. It really was a lot of fun. I also used this great little macro lens that my friend Maya gave me that zooms in nicely and can show some of the really small parts up close.

After ironing out some bugs and doing my first successful session, I’m now offering this to any and all of my clients. So if you’d like an immersive watch repair experience with your own valued timepiece, send me a message and let’s get your watch on the bench!

I’ve posted the session on my youtube channel if you’d like to take a gander.

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