Estimates, and getting your watch to me.

Every watch has a story and quality repair depends on how well you can listen..

Here’s how it works:

1. Let’s get in touch.

Come visit my contact page and send me a message. Or if you’d like, you can schedule a time to come by my workshop or to book a video consultation. From here we can decide if an estimate is required

2. Send me your watch.

Once we’ve established that an estimate is required, then send me your watch. If you live in Vancouver, I can have it couriered over at no charge or you can swing by my workshop. If you live outside of the city I can send you a pre-paid postage sticker with up to $500 insurance coverage. Once you get the sticker, package the watch up nice and tight (bubble wrap is good stuff) and send it over. Watch this quick tutorial

3. Estimate and go ahead.

I will then do a comprehensive estimate to the watch. Once you’ve given the go ahead, I will start the process of repairing your watch.

4. Completed repairs

As soon as the work is completed and all final testing is finished, I will let you know and send you an invoice. After payment is cleared, I will then ship the watch back to you at no charge, or you can pick up the watch in person.

Should you not wish to go ahead with the estimate, no problem. The estimate is free. If you mailed the watch to me then I will simply send you an invoice for the postage and send the watch back to you.

Sounds good right? So don’t be shy. Let’s get your watch up and running again!