When it comes to watch repair, don’t you wish you “knew a guy”? Well… now you do.

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As a certified watchmaker, I love to collect watches, talk about watches and of course, repair watches! My workshop is located in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia, but my goal is to reach far and wide to all those wanting quality watch repair.  Just because you may not have a watchmaker down the street doesn’t mean you don’t have a local guy you can count on. I call myself the “Virtual Watchmaker” because, in this day and age, communicating and accessing quality repair has never been easier, no matter where you live. Send me a message today and we can book a video consultation or a time to meet. Let’s get your watch back on your wrist!

When you’re passionate about watches, there’s always lots to talk about…

The Time of The strap

The Time Of The Strap

I’ve always appreciated a good leather strap. It’s that extra part of wearing a watch where we can take some creative licence and express…

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In the beginning…

For the last 5 years, I have been honing my skills and absorbing all that is watchmaking, and over the past several months, I…

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