My Name is Howie and I’m a Watchmaker

Thank you for checking out my website and seeing what I’m all about.

I studied this craft at the École nationale de l’horlogerie in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and graduated as a certified Watchmaker December of 2016. Such a great experience because I got some fantastic hands-on training at a world class facility.
I got my real world experience working at a couple of independent repair centres in Vancouver over the last 5 years or so. Having the opportunity to work in different workshop environments has been extremely valuable as I have seen and repaired many types of watches, like Rolex and Omega and all the common household brands plus many more. I enthusiastically faced plenty of challenges and as a result, I have set a very high bar in terms quality and care when servicing watches.

I was also part of the design and manufacturing of the Halios Seaforth “Roldorf Edition”. This was an incredible ride and a dream come true. You can read about this experience here.

My goal is to serve the watch community with a loving touch and an open heart. Watches serve so many purposes in our lives and each one has a unique story. I’d like to bridge the gap that many watchmakers have with clients by offering a customer based experience using video to it’s potential. Come visit my contact page. Here you can see my availability and schedule an appointment. Then we can talk in detail about your watch repair needs. Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to meeting.

Here’s a little Slideshow of some of the watches and movements I’ve worked on. Enjoy!

  • Vancouver watch repair Rolex 4130
  • Vancouver watch repair Rolex 1215
  • Vancouver watch repair Deadbeat seconds pocket watch
  • Watch repair vancouver Omega 321 balance