Gallet Excel-O-Graph Chronograph (EP 40-68)

This beauty came across my bench like a celebrity sighting of Scarlett Johansson. As a watchmaker and a watch lover, it’s hard not to get a little flush when in the presence of such a gorgeous watch. The owner of this watch has such an amazing collection of Gallets (among other awesome brands) that I affectionately call him “The Gallet Guy”.

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Vintage Herbury Alarm Watch (AS1475)

watch repair vancouver vintage herbury alarm watch

What’s not to love about a good ole vintage alarm watch? In my opinion, this type of complication in a mechanical watch is one of the coolest there is. It’s also one of the most useful. I know how much I use the alarm on my cellphone but this alarm is a lot more fun. I enjoy interacting with my watches and this is why I like chronograph watches too. It not just a thing that we sit back and watch work, but it’s something we can program and engage with.

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1975 Seiko Grand Quartz

watch repair vancouver seiko 4843A grand quartz

When it comes to servicing quartz movements, the most likely and cheapest route taken is to replace the movement. However, sometimes the parts for watches and movements are so rare and tough to find, that servicing is the only option. As was the case for this gorgeous Seiko Grand Quartz from the mid-seventies, the Seiko 4843A movement was not readily available and the need was there to take it apart and service.

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Waltham- Early 20th century pocket watch

watch repair vancouver waltham pocket watch

This guy came across my bench with a mangled hairspring. I also found the impulse jewel to be broken off and missing. So I replaced the spring and fit a new jewel. Fitting the jewel was fun as I needed to shellac the jewel on the impulse plate. Always fun to use my staking set as well. Watching these old guys come back to life is very rewarding. The stories they could tell.