Rolex Daytona

Victoria watch repair Rolex Daytona Close up

These watches always make me a little giddy. Gosh, I could never afford one, but being a watchmaker allows me the opportunity to play with these watches in a more intimate way then most of their owners do.

This watch came across my bench with the purpose of changing out the original steel bezel with an aftermarket ceramic one. Switching out bezels is both simple and challenging. They are sized to fit just right. The bezel to the gasket to the crystal to the case. Great care and patience is needed when pressing the new one on. It’s very easy to damage the gasket and too much flex on the ceramic bezel can simple snap it in half. You need to push it straight down, slowly and methodically. After I successfully fit the new one, I needed to take a good break, splash some cold water on the face, and let my adrenaline slowly equalize. Who ever said watchmaking was boring?


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